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Day 107: Malaysia Flight 370: Two Parents

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{photo via google search}

Amidst all the news reports surrounding the tragic mystery of Malaysia flight 370, there is one story I find to be most tragic. I guess it strikes a chord with me because it echoes one of my deepest fears–leaving my child to get on a plane and never seeing him again. When Muktesh Mukherjee and his wife Xiaomo Bai got on flight 370, they were intending to vacation and left their two young boys with their grandma. Now those two beautiful boys have to wonder if they will ever see their parents again. I cannot imagine what they must be feeling, I cannot imagine what Muktesh and his wife must have felt the moment they new something was ‘wrong.’

On my last vacation to the UK, I had a panic attack the entire trip (airplane ride and vacation). My partner thought I was legitimately insane for shaking violently when turbulence bounced us around on our way to Italy. But what was really happening, I was thinking of my beautiful little e, I was thinking how much he needs me, and I was praying nothing would happen to me because we need each other.

My heart aches tonight for those two little boys. My heart aches for those parents because I had a glimpse of what they must have felt–times a million. As we pray for their safe return to their little ones, let us all remember how lucky we are to have our love ones present with us in our lives. Sometimes we can forget how special they are when they’re right in front of us.

little e you played a great baseball game today and I love you for it.

to my other love, I love you to the moon around the stars and back again…

to my Ini, thank you for lying against my back while I sleep, you make the best fluffy cuddler…

love, love, love…

and to the Mukherjee family, you’re in our thoughts. I hope they soon find answers because two parents need their two boys.

a whit.

Day 82: Cabo Wabo {The un-Spring Breakers}

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Whirlwind trip to Mexico.

My mom put it nicely, “So you went to Mexico for the weekend to get sunburned and come home.”

Sun.BURN.ed is correct. We managed to make it to Cabo after a whirlwind flight, one that Konk thought we wouldn’t make but we did, out of SFO. I think our morning went a little something like this, “Hon, it’s 5 a.m., the alarm didn’t go off.” British response: “get the *&^! out of bed!” and we were off! We managed to make it to the airport where Haz (otherwise known as Konk’s brother) maintained his casual gaze for an American wife.

{on a side note: it looks like he might have found one, from Georgia, not to be mistaken for the country bordering Turkey, yes, I’m talking Atlanta–she has been appropriately dubbed “Gobble Gobble”}

We finally made it to Mexico after a flight that involved lots of sleeping. Upon arrival, let the games begin–we grabbed a few Modelos and piled into the bus. Next, we nearly died. Truth be told, our airport shuttle driver almost, and I mean very much almost, plowed us into another vehicle at about 80 mph. I was thankful for my third row back placement but man–I saw my pretty face flash before my eyes. It then appeared that my wonderful boyfriend farted, loudly, next to an Israeli couple stationed side us. Turns out Mexican shuttle buses have no rear suspension which was apparently the source of the “noise.” I am still a bit skeptical, but he did fess up to the one at the check out counter of Marina de Fiesta so…We started our trip with a bang (still not confirmed) and definitely ended with one too.

Somewhere in the middle we enjoyed beer, good food, a deluxe junior suite, and of course an 8 hour Marlin sport fishing trip. Captain Paco Taco Francisco–

“you wanna catch da marlin, i get you da marlin”

500 bucks later, we ended up with a 2 pound tuna {which Konk took several pictures of, at several angles, in order to increase its size visual} and some spanish mackoral. The fishing trip was really interesting, the guys {aka fisherman in training} spent most of the time.


I spent most of the time.


We’d all wake up for the occasional, ay yay yay, which meant there was a whale, or a school of dolphins, or, finally, a two pound tuna.

at about hour 7, my Konk discovered the Coppertone in the lower boat cabin. Lying down, thinking about how burned I am feeling, I watch Konk lather some on his neck and laugh.

We exit the boat, and the burn begins to settle. All three of us, swelling, bright red,

Haz ended up with the worst of it, his woman seeking took a minor detour as he feared he might scare away any potential datees with his reflective forehead. Konk and I cuddled from a one foot span and we woke up ready to return back home.

On the way back, we passed a red lobster and Haz said he’d found his new home in their front window tank.

I am currently suffering from a bout of lepresy, my face is falling off in sheets.

And that my friends is how you do Cabo.

We’re destined to return and find that Marlin.

a whit who’s feeling fried.

Day 76: {I almost forgot} Wales for Christmas.

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I almost forgot. I went to the UK for the holiday.

It was beautiful, rainy, beautiful, and quite tranquil.

I’ll have a future post about the trip–but for now a brief picture-log.

{yes, it was rainy}

{yes, it was rainy}

{I finally put my wellies to work on the farm}

{I finally put my wellies to work on the farm}


{Harbor at Conway}

{Harbor at Conway}

{Conway castle}

{Conway castle}

{last but not least, real men make tea}

{last but not least, real men make tea}

Yes, real men make tea–that’s right. Get with the program American men.

a whit.

Sometimes Adults Play Pretend Too: Day 62

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{image compliments @soho_press}

I’ve visited NYC/Manhattan/Soho a few times now, and I love it.

I don’t live there.

In my mind I live in the garbage dumpster of Manhattan (actually that would probably be better than my current city of dwelling).

In reality–there’s a boatload of people, mostly living in the midwest, that would give their right ball to live in my sunny CA town.

I’ve lived all over now, Idaho/Utah/San Diego and traveled Europe a couple times–everywhere seems better than here.

I don’t know what does it for me, but I feel the culture literally ready to explode when I walk the streets of NY. The Soho girls with their high top sock buns make me jealous.

So I pretend.

I pretend that I live in lower Manhattan, and I’m beginning to pretend that I can create what those Soho girls have. It’s going, eh.

There are some upsides to my pretend game (versus the reality of those who do reside in Manhattan).  I was watching Wanderlust tonight and comically the guy skypes a tour of his NYC home by gently turning the macbook in several directions–kitchen, slight turn, bedroom, slight turn, bathroom, slight turn, me again.

My friend told me the other day, “maybe you can buy a retirement home on the east coast.” Little does he know, I just might. Until then, I’ll keep pretending to hail taxis with a flick of my wrist, have coffee in the poshest of shops followed by a familial stroll through Central Park.

My therapy: lots of Sex And The City re-runs.

signed–a dreamer {who was born in the wrong place}

Daily Cupcake: HOLSTEE MAY

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The My Life by Holstee SITE is launched and here is the web URL, check it out.

Lots of inspiring stories and perspectives AND I’m on there somewhere. 😉

Daily Cupcake: What? Not Jewish Enough?

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It’s quite odd, during the Holocaust many struggled with the idea of being, well, “too Jewish,” or rather Jewish at all.  Lives were literally lost over Jewishness, whether you looked it, acted it, etc.

Well, now there seems to be a new crisis.  Now, we’re dealing with the issue of being “not Jewish enough,” put quite simply.

Check this out.

This post is dedicated to all of those who experienced, survived, or were lost in the horrific Holocaust.  If this is a historical event that interests you I highly recommend the two part comic narrative Maus.

God Bless.


Daily Cupcake: NPR’s No Sneeze Tips

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I listened to an interesting piece on NPR this morning regarding this cold and flu season.  If you don’t actually have time to listen to it here are the main highlights.

First, not all individuals exposed to colds actually get sick.  In fact, only about 30 percent of those exposed will actually become cold/flu ridden.

So, what makes you more susceptible?

Two things:

Sleep (or lack thereof), and…

Stress (mostly ongoing high level stress).

You can reduce your risk though by exercising, making sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep, and a reduction in your stress levels.  Haha, good luck with that!  Believe it or not Vitamin C has been clinically proven to reduce the prevalence of the common cold, so make sure you’re taking it!

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