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Day 104: I’m Ready to Read Again

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blowing-leavesYesterday was a wonderful day.

As I emerged from my drab office building, I was overcome with the power of the wind. I didn’t notice it at first, I must have been caught up in a thought but as I glanced out the corner of my window the leaves swirled. Then, driving out of the parking lot, I felt my car gently shake and a loud clunk—obviously an acorn had struck me side on. Then I knew the wind was blowing, hard.

It’s those gentle reminders, whether they’re nature’s acorn or self-induced subtle incidents—like the time I put the toothpaste in the refrigerator—that wake you up. As we enter the holiday season, it’s important to think about the concept of thankfulness. This year I have a lot to be thankful for, as I have every year. I, however, like many others, at times, get off track. I get caught up in those swirling leaves, swooshing around, busily, allowing everything around me to become a blur. Then an acorn hits me on the head and I STOP.

This pause is probably what inspired this very blog post, it’s what woke me up to the simple pleasures in my life. In that moment yesterday, I remembered how much I love writing. How much I’ve missed it, how long it has been since I’ve blogged. Then I got to thinking about another thing that I love…reading. As I’ve spent the better part of the last eight years working on degrees in English, my studies have dulled my love for reading—almost scarily. I found myself in recent months with no desire to ever read again. What a scary thought, a life without books—my books have taken me on so many inspiring journeys, inspired so many wonderful conversations with random strangers, and led to so many new ways of ‘seeing.’

The other day I felt a spark as I walked through Barnes of Noble, I saw Gladwell’s new book—David and Goliath—and I almost bought it. Then today I realized how much I miss my books. How ready I am to have them back in my life, which also made me realize the greatness of


“A temporary stop in action”

Pauses as I see it are great in two different, but equally important, ways.

They allow us a cessation of any given activity chosen to pause, therefore provoking an even deeper love for that thing once it is resumed; and,

They offer us a moment to stop the chaos (noted above) and reflect, recharge, and realign.

Although pauses can be hard sometimes, we can be left missing the thing that so commonly decorates our life, they allow us to also see the real value of that thing. Sometimes, too, they allow us to place it more appropriately within our existence. I can’t wait to read

Bough Down
David and Goliath
Falling to Earth
I Want to Show You More

Please pause this holiday season.

Happy Christmas!

Day 91: Please Help (I’m not a wordpress techy)

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Well, hello again.

This post is a shout out for help! I would like to get the blog redesigned in a nice way that makes it much easier to navigate. If you know how to do this within wordpress, I would greatly appreciate your help!

Just leave a comment, even if you know of someone who can give me some insight!

thanks, a whit.

Day 82: Cabo Wabo {The un-Spring Breakers}

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Whirlwind trip to Mexico.

My mom put it nicely, “So you went to Mexico for the weekend to get sunburned and come home.”

Sun.BURN.ed is correct. We managed to make it to Cabo after a whirlwind flight, one that Konk thought we wouldn’t make but we did, out of SFO. I think our morning went a little something like this, “Hon, it’s 5 a.m., the alarm didn’t go off.” British response: “get the *&^! out of bed!” and we were off! We managed to make it to the airport where Haz (otherwise known as Konk’s brother) maintained his casual gaze for an American wife.

{on a side note: it looks like he might have found one, from Georgia, not to be mistaken for the country bordering Turkey, yes, I’m talking Atlanta–she has been appropriately dubbed “Gobble Gobble”}

We finally made it to Mexico after a flight that involved lots of sleeping. Upon arrival, let the games begin–we grabbed a few Modelos and piled into the bus. Next, we nearly died. Truth be told, our airport shuttle driver almost, and I mean very much almost, plowed us into another vehicle at about 80 mph. I was thankful for my third row back placement but man–I saw my pretty face flash before my eyes. It then appeared that my wonderful boyfriend farted, loudly, next to an Israeli couple stationed side us. Turns out Mexican shuttle buses have no rear suspension which was apparently the source of the “noise.” I am still a bit skeptical, but he did fess up to the one at the check out counter of Marina de Fiesta so…We started our trip with a bang (still not confirmed) and definitely ended with one too.

Somewhere in the middle we enjoyed beer, good food, a deluxe junior suite, and of course an 8 hour Marlin sport fishing trip. Captain Paco Taco Francisco–

“you wanna catch da marlin, i get you da marlin”

500 bucks later, we ended up with a 2 pound tuna {which Konk took several pictures of, at several angles, in order to increase its size visual} and some spanish mackoral. The fishing trip was really interesting, the guys {aka fisherman in training} spent most of the time.


I spent most of the time.


We’d all wake up for the occasional, ay yay yay, which meant there was a whale, or a school of dolphins, or, finally, a two pound tuna.

at about hour 7, my Konk discovered the Coppertone in the lower boat cabin. Lying down, thinking about how burned I am feeling, I watch Konk lather some on his neck and laugh.

We exit the boat, and the burn begins to settle. All three of us, swelling, bright red,

Haz ended up with the worst of it, his woman seeking took a minor detour as he feared he might scare away any potential datees with his reflective forehead. Konk and I cuddled from a one foot span and we woke up ready to return back home.

On the way back, we passed a red lobster and Haz said he’d found his new home in their front window tank.

I am currently suffering from a bout of lepresy, my face is falling off in sheets.

And that my friends is how you do Cabo.

We’re destined to return and find that Marlin.

a whit who’s feeling fried.

Day 79: Let The Tour Commence…{How I Decorate Series}

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I was waiting to finish decorating my rental {I figure by the time I come close to finishing we’ll be moving to a new place}.

I was waiting to get my “real” camera charged.

Well, I’m waiting no longer.

I’ve decided to commence my “How I Decorate” Series.

For this first set, I am featuring my pre-existing built-in bookshelf {sometimes rentals have cool things like this, sometimes}, now if only I could get those “used saves” stickers off–

I think I’ve just discovered a great 7 year-old chore, bwhahahaha. Turns out interior design isn’t my only strong suit. smiles.

For my bookcase, I decided to integrate the old, the new, and of course, accents of nature which is a central theme throughout my home.


Bookends are a great way to modernize through bringing in a hint of the past. I found my chrome horse bookend, or rather it found me, pairless, and thus 5$ at Homegoods. You can make your own though, probably for less than what I paid–or pretty darn close.


{photo courtesy of houseofearnest.com}

For my shelf I focused on bringing a little sparkly in with the vintage.  The Nester does a lot of this, it lends to a real coherent look because the outlandish stuff is off-set by the antique colors, and thus my chrome coral. I found the owl for 5$ at Homegoods because he is missing an ear {a little tilt and it’s all gone} the bust was a thrift store find.  I got the painted silver coral and old world sand timer at Homegoods too. Since I am an English scholar, I have to make mention of the books, both are great, Lolita and China Men. Oh, and of course my IKEA/thrifted map of Paris, although I am thinking this might be a cool idea now that I am traveling more.



a whit.

Daily Cupcakes: Blogs I Love

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{image brought to you by lovely cupcake}

{image brought to you by lovely cupcake}

Today’s featured Daily CupCake: Blogs I Love is about making all things Lovely Indeed.

Not only does this blogger have tons of great DIY ideas within her files, she also has a great, comprehensive list of some fabulous, daily reads.

Lovely Indeed is truly lovely because it’s all about a girl who loves to DIY but that isn’t all her blog is about–and I like that.  It’s great to have a niche, a way to attract readers, but people are dynamic and no blogger does one thing all the time.  I sometimes wonder if bloggers brought more of themselves, the nitty gritty, into their niche, if they would create something even greater.  I wonder if they’d find a missing piece to their blogging puzzle, the one that’s been holding them back from, not so much a better blog, but a blog where the words feel like home.  That’s what a blog should be, you.

So, be a writer, but don’t forget to be a blog of creative output, craziness, and even a tinge of the ugly.

a whit.

Daily Cupcake: Blogs I Love

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Today’s cupcake, Blogs I Love goes out to this blog–a blog about being a mom and author–two of my favorite things [although I haven’t quite accomplished the author thing, yet].  I am just waiting for my early retirement, a new macbook, and a house with an office.

The author of this blog also wrote the book Sparkly Green Earrings a novel that chronicles life and being a family…

before I became a mother I had no idea that it would be the hardest and best thing I would do in my life. that I would look at this little person and see so much of myself…my sense of humor, smile, and ability to create drama out of nothing…and I can start to think you’re just like me but you’re not, you’re your own person–you are the dream we couldn’t have imagined and I wrote this book for you. love mama

As mothers we do so many things for our children–like drive home to get a different booster seat so our 2nd grader looks cool as he drives to the school fire station field trip, and clean up dog poop so our kids can know the beauty of loving something that loves them back threefold, and go to the store and buy 7 of the same pair of shorts because they are his “favorite” and that way he won’t know he’s not wearing the same outfit everyday. There are the usual things people always mention [probably the people who don’t have kids yet]…midnight feedings, tantrums, yada yada yada.  It’s the unusual things, though, like bribing your kid to leave the toilet seat down and tricking them out of candy by saying it’s owie medicine–that’s what makes a mother. You can enter to win a free, signed copy of Melanie’s book Sparkly Green Earrings here.


a mom whit.

Daily Cupcake: Blogs I Love

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{image brought to you by www.greenweddingshoes.com}

{image brought to you by http://www.greenweddingshoes.com}

Today’s Blogs I Love cupcake is brought to you by craftgawker {if you haven’t checked it out you should} where I found Crafty Scrappy Happy. Jaime, has created a wonderful site for all you fellow DIYs out there [myself included].

I was particularly drawn to her blog by THIS project, but when I clicked on House Tour and read these words I fell in love:

Some people look for a beautiful place. Others make a place beautiful.

Right now, I am living in a rental–sometimes I feel like I can’t create the way I want to and my expression is inhibited.  Yet, we have what we have–and learning to make that beautiful is all part of the journey.  Plus, The Nester lives in a rental and her home was just featured in Better Homes. Anything is possible.

a whit.

Daily Cupcake: Blogs I Love

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“A More Meaningful Life,” when I read that phrase on the Monavie shipment I received just yesterday it reminded me of the Holstee Manifesto–the importance of living a fulfilled and truly lived life. Happiness is a choice that we choose as I am reminded. It’s that knowledge that in good and bad there is always hope and there is always a driven purpose behind everything that happens in our lives.

When things are good, it’s easy to forget, forget why the seemingly bad happens, and why it is so pertinent to our development in this life.

It’s so easy to forget that we find happiness in hardship. It’s so easy to forget that our ability to love stems, sometimes, from its absence.

We can only know good from being able to distinguish what is good–that requires knowing sad, lonely, hardship–through all of these experiences we find meaning.  We find who we are and we learn to define ourselves.

We create something while we’re living here on this earth, we create the meaningful life.

Or we don’t…it’s a choice. How lucky we are to have free will. How lucky we are that our life is not deterministic, at least in a cognitive sense.

Choose the good life. It seems fitting to look at this awesome blog.


And if your interested in ordering Monavie, my website can be seen HERE.

Daily Cupcake: Blogs I Love

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I’ve dropped off on the daily cupcakes for a bit here, so I am determined to get on top of it.

For the next 30 days I will be dedicating the cupcakes to {blogs I love}.

Kristen Jackson’s blog THE HUNTED INTERIOR has some wonderful decorating tips with lots of DIY and thrift decor.  My favorites are her chevron curtains {do I dare?} and her cinder block garden table.

I am working on getting pictures up of my house, a work in progress.

an interior decor whit.

Day 74: R.A.C.K, Do it.

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{picture care of google gallery}

Throughout many holiday seasons, growing up, my mom would elicit the entire family to participate in the 12 days of Christmas.  Essentially, we would decide collectively to give up certain Christmas gifts, have a smaller Christmas, and instead, provide a family in need with a much deserved Christmas that year.  It was always fun to work together to decide what we were going to do for the chosen family and how we could best suit their needs.

I remember one year in particular, I was a freshman in high school, and being a cheerleader I knew many of the high school football players.  There was one in particular whose young sister was very sick with a rare and terminal disease.  The family had spent countless dollars on the young girl’s medical bills and this was surely her last Christmas with them.  I had grown very close to this boy, who had shared with me the stress and mounting grief within his family, so I decided to nominate them for our annual 12 days of Christmas.  What this meant, was that every day (the twelve days preceding Christmas) our family would provide a numbered item anonymously on the family’s doorstep.  We would then leave a note stating, “On the seventh day of Christmas your secret Santa gave to you…seven gift cards.” This all led up to the final evening wherein we would leave one BIG gift still anonymously.  However, this year we decided to dress Dad up in a Santa suit and show up at their house with their entire Christmas ready to set up.  This family had nothing, no tree, no lights, and no gifts.  I can still remember the look on their faces when we helped set up that tree and placed all the gifts underneath it–priceless.  I’d say it’s probably one of the most profound Christmas memories I have.

Having said all this, today I ran across this link at Pillow Talk and it brought all those old memories flooding back.  I have oftentimes wanted to do the twelve days again, but it can get very costly and being a single mom it just hasn’t felt feasible yet.  But, this version is something anyone can do and it brings joy to my heart to think of the lives it has the ability to impact in the small ways that mean so much.  I’d love to hear anymore ideas you readers have for ways to R.A.C.K. 

Let’s all be reminded throughout this holiday season that it’s the little things that mean the most.  It’s so easy to get caught up in our own wants and forget about those that may not have the means to make Christmas special for their kids or themselves.

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

a christmas whit.

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