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Daily Cupcake: Love Notes (Recycle Them If You Wish)

In Uncategorized on October 16, 2012 at 4:33 am

I love you because…

you make me happy, everyday.

Day 72: Painting A Life

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Sometimes it’s about seeing the bigger picture.

Lately I’ve felt less than inclined to want to finish my masters program, don’t get me wrong, I will, it’s just making it through this last hump.  Its so easy to see things in a smallish view, wherein the full potential becomes overshadowed by the immediate.

The thing about dreaming big though, whether it pertains to grad school, life, family, relationships, jobs–you must always dream big with a thankful heart, being expectant of the next great thing to happen, but also grateful for the present.

Today as I sat down to dinner with little e, I reminded myself of the beauty that is being his mother.  So we made rice crispie treats and read a story and I let him play a little longer.  In my opinion, it’s days like today that will gradually develop themselves as the vital pieces of my “bigger picture.”  One day when I am old, I will think back on days like today and cherish the entire lifetime of happiness they will have provided me.  The other night Konky, D, little e, and I were in the backyard–the boys were running around like crazy doing lots of “tricks” so I snapped a video of the 3 year-old’s “hand stands.”

The look of pride on his face. priceless.  another moment, check.

a whit who is trying to see the big picture.

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