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Get It, if You Want It, But Love It if You Got It.

In Esteem, Happiness, life, Thoughts on March 29, 2012 at 7:17 am

I stumbled across this blog post and thought, hm, man that’s just what I needed to hear today.  She doesn’t really answer the question that’s posed within the title, “what did you give up to get what you got?”  So I got to thinking about my own experiential journey.

I’ve given up a lot. I’d venture to say, I gave up a marriage (a dead end one but still one at that), time, sanity, sleep (lots of it), my love for independent and chosen book reads, hobbies, some of my passions (although this admittedly saddens me), the time to decorate my house and craft often with my son, income, monetary desires.

I could probably go on with this list for days.  The truth is, though, it doesn’t hold a candle to what I’ve gained, essentially, what I’ve given up to get what I got.

In a few months time, I’ll have an education (one she so valiantly mentions) in the arts and an impressive resume with college teaching experience. Yes, nice. But, I also have several gained friendships (one’s I feel I’ll always have), the memory of touching the lives of others and teaching them about my passion for writing, a knowledge that I can do hard things, an experience I can one day relate to my son if he contemplates grad school.  I can actually say, “boy, get your butt in gear, your mama did grad school and raised you!” (in my best black mama voice).

And then I have my usual I got em’s…a lovely, wonderful kid, a great dog (who only poops on the carpet occasionally), a great family, a beautiful place to live, wonderful friends (more of them), everything I need to live and enjoy life.

So I may not have it all, but I’ve got a lot. A lot. I think the most important realization for all of us is, we will never have it all in the sense of the popular romance novel (the sexy man who feeds us grapes while we bathe in the summer sun off the coast of Bermuda–and gives us his charge card) but is that really having it all?  Isn’t part of it, understanding the not having it part.  It’s what we don’t have, that we can attain.  That’s really exciting.

So, I’ll end with a note from my most recent fortune cookie:

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