We’ve ticked our way to six: Day 29

In Uncategorized on September 17, 2011 at 6:43 am

As we approach that time of the year again, my favorite time, I remember that day my little e was born.  I lie in my bed, and I can remember the exact smell of the air, a slight chill as the wind blew very softly. and the apprehension welling within me.  I was so excited to be a mom.  I would get to teach him to run, and ride a bike, spell his name, eat with a spoon, construct a puzzle.  Wonderful, wonderful things. His first cry was accompanied by my happiest cry as I peeked at him in the corner, and then they laid him on my chest.  He was warm and quiet.  His little eyes gazed up and found mine, exactly.  We met.  I knew then that  God had given me the greatest gift I would experience in life–a love like I could never have imagined.  One look, that’s all it took, and I knew from that moment on I would dedicate my life to him.  As we transitioned from the hospital to our home, because I was so eager for my own space, I remember the peace and tranquility within those four walls.  That was a heavenly space.  I often tell others of my newborn love, the midnight cries don’t seem to matter when you have celestial bundle in your sphere.

I watched little e play the other day and noticed his height, the length of his arms, how big his once little feet have grown, and then we wiggled his two bottom teeth.  He responded to my steadfast stare with his usual smirk.  He’s so busy.

I heard the phrase, “You is kind,  You is smart.  You is important” during a recent film.  I thought it a wonderful thing and decided I would start telling little e, daily.  The first night, as I tucked him into bed, we completed our three kiss, three hug ritual.  Then I bent close to his face and said my sweet e, “you are kind.  you are smart. you are important.”  He giggled, and then pondering my words asked, “Mom, why am I important?”  I told him he is important because he has blessed the lives of his parents in a way he could never imagine.  Then he questioned, “Who else thinks I’m important?”  I told him his teacher, his friends, grammy, grampy, Katy, Andre, Michi.

“Mom, I’m glad I’m important.”

Thinking back on that day he was born, I knew when I saw his face that he would always be the most important, special thing in my life.  Now as he approaches age six, and begins to explore the world and language, I realize how critical it is to make sure I not only show him but that I articulate his worth in my life and the lives of others .

As I was making lunch he asked me again, “What’s that that you always tell me mom, I’m smart, I’m important, and….what is it?”  “You’re kind Rocky, my kind, sweet, little boy.”  Oh yes, Mama, I’m kind.”

Little e, when you reach for the stars don’t forget who you are and please don’t turn around and grow up way too fast.

I love you my smart, kind and very important little munchkin.  Happy Birthday! (a little soon)



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