People: Day Thirteen

In Articles, Blogs, Dating, Esteem, Family, Friends, Happiness, Humanity, life, Men, Romance, Stories, Thoughts, Writing on August 16, 2010 at 2:48 am

I’ve come to realize that there are all sorts of people in this world. Sounds kind of silly saying that, but its true. It starts out in high school a time when you think there’s only one character–yourself. Then you graduate and college teaches you all about your friends, the stupid guys you date, and if you’re lucky a few besties. From there you move into the infamous twenty somethings, a genuinely awkward life phase, it’s here where you really begin to experience humanity. You’re no longer limited to those in your age bracket and suddenly “old” people are your friends too. The problem with too many twenty somethings is that they spend their peak physical/mental decade drunk instead of utilizing such to their own advantage. I figure if half the twenty somethings I know actually pay attention for ten years, this involves being present in their own lives then they’d really have it together by the time they hit thirty and the world needs more thirty somethings like this.

I’m proud to say no particular point of my life, be it two years or ten, was or ever will be consumed by drunkiness. So, I’ve stuck to analyzing those around me (something I truly enjoy). There’s the “too nice people” those who will do anything for you almost to the point of neurosis. They mean nothing by it, unless they’re a man, except to possibly prove that kindness does still exist. These are good folks to keep around–but they will eventually get on your nerves. There are the people who use you. They take what they can, deposit nothing, and leave when your supply of whatever runs out. There are the creative artsy-type, which are always fun. The weirdos. The hippies, vegetarians, eco friendlies, you get my point, all sorts. Then you realize despite all these different types, the quirks that accompany them, there is still one thing every individual seeks–each other. This is humanity. We long for companionship, even if its not too serious, because we believe doing things in pairs is better; however, our world has really wounded such a notion. It’s too fast, too technical, too removed. Now we have to strive for this.

As I was riding my bike today I noticed something strange. With each passerby came a hello, good day, how are you doing. I thought about the countless intersections of my life (both literal and figurative). I’ve never been at a stoplight, rolled down my window, said hi, then kept on driving. Nor have I seen this type of behavior in my many life transitions (most certainly not from complete strangers). There is something about bike riding which invokes a more natural, instinctive congeniality. I was impressed and for a moment felt as though the days of Pride and Prejudice had resumed. I could imagine Jane, jaunting down the dirt road, waving with a twist of her wrist to the gentlemen passerby. They would meet several days later on another jaunt, share some sweet words, and eventually wed. This idea must be why people love Jane Austen so wholeheartedly. Connecting with others teaches about others. It also gives us that each other thing. This isn’t a text message, or an email, it takes more effort than that. Sadly, that effort might just be a few words–a few words! Today I wasn’t any happier than yesterday, but I did learn something new, and reflecting on that does make me feel good. Take a bikeride, a stroll, transport yourself to another time–slow down. Say hello to a stranger as it may provide an opportunity to learn about someone new, remember there are all sorts of people and getting to know them is what life is about.

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